Rwanda Financial Sector

Rwanda Financial Service Sector is composed of six (6) commercial banks and three (3) financial institutions, regulated by an independent Central Bank.

Banking service operations date back in early 1960, originating from the oldest banks of BCR and Bank of Kigali respectively.

Recently, most commercial banks have centered their operations on trade finance as opposed to long-term debt financing. This has triggered off to lack of productive investment activity, thus there is urgent need to focus attention on the reform and strengthening of the financial sector. This appeals for introduction of more banks, financial products and capital market.

There are ready opportunities for investment into mortgage banks to enhance access to property, agricultural banks to offer agricultural banks to offer agricultural credit to farmers and introduction of new financial products including leasing and venture capital to minimize hardships of opening business as well as its continued successful operation.


Rwanda’s economy is predominantly agricultural. However, with the recent political stability, its GDP growth rate has increased to 9.9% whereas currency depreciation has reduced to 6.5% per annum and inflation to 3.2%.

The banking system is generally prosperous with liberalized foreign exchange controls.

The country is currently embarking on privatization and liberalization in a comprehensive perspective to attain sustainable economic growth; as a major objective of eradicating poverty stipulated in the country’s vision 2020.

Rwanda is aiming at establishing a modern and broadly based economic platform, that attracts investors, creates employment as well as diverse new opportunities as opposed to its current over dependence on subsistence agriculture.

Rwanda’s leading export earners are coffee, tea, cassiterite, pyrethrum and Wolfranite. It is vital to note that coffee comprises of 50% of the total export value.

Related to this, is the country’s mountain grown tea which is some of the world’s finest.

The New industries such as exporting fresh flowers, fish farming and tourism have been taken on largely by the private sector. The country‘s natural resources have not been fully exploited for instance there is a high in Lake Kivu is just upcoming.

Through the Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency (RIEPA), the government is willing to partner with the private investors to boost and sustain the country’s economy.

Banks in Rwanda
List of Banks and Financial Services in Rwanda

Banks in Butare
Banque De Kigali
Tel: 530358
Fax: 530350
Mob: 08 302484

BCR – Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda
Fax: 530508
Mob: 08 302995

Tel: 532247

Banks and Financial Services in Byuma
BCR – Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda
Tel: 564211
Fax: 564430
Mob: 08 302996
Bancor S.a
Tel: 537298
Fax: 537294
Changugu 1

Banque De Kigali
Box, 221 Kigali
Tel: 537068/69
Fax: 537067
Mob: 08 302067

BCR – Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda
Tel/Fax: 537629
Mob:  08 302991


Banks and Financial Services in Gikongoro

Tel: 535407
Email: cogetiank®

Bancor S.a
Box, 171 Kigali
Tel.: 540120
Fax: 540121

Banque Du Kigali
Box, 171 Kigali
Tel: 540279
Fax: 540676
Mob: 06 302068

BCR – Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda
Box, 169
Tel: 540090
Fax: 540733
Mob: 08 300886

Tel: 08 304867

Gitarama Banks and Financial Services

Banque De Kigali
Tel: 562558
Fax: 562559
Mob: 08 302496

Fina Bank
Tel: 566393
Fax: 566394

ACEFI Ingoboka
Box, 884 Kigali Qakinjiro
Tel: 574136, 573504

Banks and Financial Services in Kigali

ACEFI Ingoboka Remera
Tel: 586934
Email:bacar@lrwanda1 .corn

Box, 331 Kigali
Tel: 572427, 576795

Bacar, Kibuye
Tel: 568305

Bacar Ruhengeri
Tel: 546305

Bancor S.A
Plot 1232 Avenue de la Paw
Box, 2059 Kigali
Tel: 575763/80, 511194/95
Fax: 572501,575761

Banque De Commerce De Developpement ET D’lndustrie (BCDI)
Plot 13 Avenue de la Pain
Box, 3268 Kigali
Tel: 577881/3, 574455, 574143
Fax: 573790. 572551,574437
Banque De Kigali s a.
Plot 63 Avenue du Commerce
Box, 175 Kigali
Tel: 93100, 73461, 575504
Fax: 575504,553461

Banque Nationale Du Rwanda (BNR)
Avenue Paul VI
Box, 531 Kigali
Tel: 574282,574471.574432
Fax: 577391,572551.573790

Banque Rwandaise De Developpement (BRD)
Plot 54 Boulevard de la
Box, 1341 Kigali
Tel: 575080,575079, 575932
Fax: 573569

Centenary House, Ground Floor
Box, 5230 Kigali
Tel: 503326
Mob: 08 30b964

Commercial Bank of Rwanda (BCR)
Plot 11 Boulevard de la Revolution
Box, 3M Kigali
Tel: 575591.575592/9
Mob: 08 303894
Fax: 573395

Compagnie Generale De Banque (Cogebanques)
Boulevard I’ muganda
Box, 5230 Kigali
Tel: 503326.
Fax: 503336

Fina Bank-Kigali
Plot 20, Boulevard tie la Revolution
Box, 331 Kigali
Tel; 574456.574456
Fax:  573484

Union Des Banques Populaires Du Rwanda
Plot 32 Avenue de I’ Armee
Box, 1348Kiqali
Tel: 573561, 573559, 573564
Fax; 573579

Union Des Caisses Des Travailleurs (UCT)
Box, 7076
Tel: 585631
Fax: 585631

Forex Bureaux in Rwanda
Money exchange centres in Rwanda. Currencies includes, dollars, pounds,etc
Dufatanye Forex Bureau
Rue Cartier Mateus
Fax: 08557517

Express Forex Bureau
Box, 6746 Kigali
Tel: +250-577456
Mob: 08 454356
Fax: +250-517456

Forex Leadership
Box, 186 Kigali
Tel: +250-572473
Fax: +250-572472

Give & take
Box, 663 Kigali
Tel: +250-571138

Great Lakes Forex Bureau
Avenue Du Travail
Tel: +250-511239

Group Carrefour
Box: 2351 Kigali
Tel: +250-57556
Fax: +250-577743

Group Ramji
Box, 205 Kigali
Tel: +250-576840
Fax: +250-575450

International Forex Bureau
Avenue du travail
Tel/Fax: +250-576843

K Forex Bureau
Box, 2922 Kigali
Tel/ Fax: +250-570187

Kigali National Forex Bureau
Box, 3148 Kigali
Tel: +250-571095
Fax: +250-571096

Leadership Sarl
Box, 1864
Tel: +250-572473

M & M Forex Bureau
Box: 517 Kigali
Tel: +250-577914

Monicom Fores
Box: 41 Kigali
Tel: +250-577419
Fax: +250-514719

Papiforex Leadership
Rue de L’Epargne Opp.GPO
Tel: +250-572473

Rexco Forex
Avenue de la Revolution
Tel: +250-501927
Fax: +250-510927

Satguru Travel & Tour Service
B0x 2111 Kigali
Tel: +250-573079, 5i77497
Fax: +250-572231

Taurus Forex Bureau
Avenue la paix
Tel: +250-305096

Verma (ETS)
Tel: +250-572649,574612
Fax: +250-574177
Mob: 08 300051
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